Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Nook - Final

Here are pics of the baby nook. It is located in the corner of our bedroom. We have a 1 bedroom apartment. It works for us. When G was about 4 months old we started moving him (after he fell asleep) into our living room to sleep in his travel crib for the night. We have continued that to this day. He takes all his naps in his crib here in the baby nook.
Crazy fun animals the gals from my shower made for baby G.
This is a bookshelf converted into a closet. His clothes are hanging behind the curtain. The stripped curtain is actually a duvet cover that I folded in half. When G gets older he can use it as a duvet cover.
"Tweet" and "Hoot" birds on top of cabinet made by Brent's mom (Marmee), "Now I lay me down to sleep" cross stitch by the late Nanny Neal, and Grant Prayer Sign by cousin Becca Daniel.
Since I wanted to do a woodland animals theme for his nook I thought trees would be fitting. I created this wall covering with a little inspiration from Dwell Studio. I used 4 huge white foam poster boards, lots of brown and green foam sheets and even more hot glue. To see more things I create click here.
His bumper was also a duvet cover that I seam ripped then sewed together to create a bummer cover.
It has stripes on the other side.
This mobile is from Brent's dad (Grandee). It is made with tiny frisbees.
It has been so helpful to have a musical mobile over the changing table.
The painting is something I did our first year of marriage.

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