Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you, Etta!

I'm sure you have heard the news that Etta James passed away today.  With her sophisticated jazz tunes she has left such a profound impression on romantics across the globe.  Of course her song, At Last is super popular and used in many weddings and such.  I wanted to put our little thank you out into the world.
Etta, you made our first dance magical!
Thank you.
Love, Brent and Franci.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Simple Life 2012

Twenty-Twelve is a year that I (Brent) want to live more simply.

I want to make life easier and more simply. I desire to get rid of clutter and objects that clog up my time, space, and life.

I wish for simplicity. Here are a few tasks that I'm going to start off with:

  1. Clean out my Facebook Friends page.
  2. De-clutter the junk drawer and my personal drawer in the hall.- It is really scary. 
  3. Sell some unused books and perhaps my old guitar. 
  4. Scan old documents into Evernote and shred them. 
Let's start with #2 tonight. 

Full Drawer

These are items that I'll keep for now. 

Items that I'm Keeping:
  • Old Journals
  • Plastic bags of foreign currency 
  • Old Dell laptop, cords, and Microsoft CD's (I'd throw it away, but there is a lot of personal info on that old clunker. 
  • Old Pictures
  • Chinese language tapes and CD
  • Old Walk-Man (hey you never know when they'll be cool again right?)
  • Coin wraps for when my money pigs get full. 
  • Check books
  • Old class ring of my wife's (why is that in my drawer again?)
Trash Pile

Items Headed to the Trash Heap:
  • Assorted headphones and power cords
  • An award from an old job
  • I-phone cover
  • Watch instructions
  • Empty ring cases from our wedding bands
  • Old pair of glasses and case
  • Old broken LG phone
I'll give away this book on FPU kit on my financial blog

Pile of letters from my wife I'll scan into Evernote

I got rid of a few items, but it's only a beginning of more to come. 

Action: What can you simplify this year? What can you cut out give you a happier and more simple life? 

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