Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Bump

Okay so here are some belly shots. I did not really start showing until week 16. The first 3 months were a crazy mix of feeling sick almost all the time, throwing up my breakfast or dinner at least 2 times a week and not having much motivation for anything. Did I mention the naps? Wow! I remember a few days were I think all I did was lay on the couch for the entire day! There were several times when I was driving and eating at the same time and seconds later chunked my entire snack back into the same bag I bought it in. Those days are long behind me now and I am a ball full of energy with baby excitement beaming out. I felt his first little kick around week 18. That was super cool and I can't wait for Brent to feel it too.

10 weeks 16 weeks

19 weeks 20 weeks


This is the day we found out we were having a baby! This was one day after Brent's 32nd birthday. What a great gift! Yep, two red lines means baby. :) We honestly could not believe it. We went though some initial shock even though we had been planning and hoping for a baby. We did not get pregnant right away and had to wait a while for this little miracle. After we got the positive test the waiting seemed very insignificant. We are so thankful for this wonderful gift!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Boy

Here are a few pics of our cutie!
Body profile at 10 weeks old

Face shot at 19 weeks old

Family Blog Entry #1

Hi all!
I have wanted to start a family blog for a while now. Today celebrates 3 years of marriage to the amazing Brent P! I am also 19 weeks pregnant (with a little boy) so it seems like the right time to get this thing started. I hope to share what is going on in our lives since we live so far away from our family and loved ones. I hope to also share some of Brent and I's past journey along the way. I look forward to what will come!
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