Sunday, February 6, 2011

First 100 Days - Week 10

Day 64 - big bath time
Day 65 - sound asleep
Day 66 - flirting with baby g
Day 67 - watching dad get ready for work
Day 68 - recouping from a morning at the park
Day 69 - our lil rock star "cry loud, rock hard"
Day 70 - Emily and Reggie with the little g's

First 100 Days - Week 9

Day 57 - Rocking with mama
Day 58 - Go Tigers! Auburn is #1! National Champs!!!!!!!!
Day 59 - Nap time
Day 60 - Bald head
Day 61 - Cutie
Day 62 - Dr. visit - weighing in at a whapping 14.1 pounds.
Day 63 - Elvis lip

First 100 Days - Week 8

Day 50 - Getting some love from Cat
Day 51 - Forgot to take a pic! Yicks...check out this video with Uncle Ryan.
Day 52 - Ducky towel at Marmee and Grandee's - Check out that belly!
Day 53 - Cool kid - Shirt from the Engelland's
Day 54 - Chill'n on his awesome Dick and Jane quilt that Marmee made
Day 55 - Swing time
Day 56 - Sleep time

Nitty Gritty on Grant - Month 2

You have been changing at a rapid pace.
Here are a few things we have noticed...
  • You love cooing and making all kinds of noises especially in the morning hours
  • At bath time your favorite part seems to be licking the bath water
  • You have very loud bodily functions :)
  • You are figuring out how to suck your fingers and thumb
  • Lullabies are still a favorite - "Hush Little Baby" is on your hit list, "Rock a Bye Baby" makes it in the top 10.
  • You are responding more to mom and dad's voice
  • You can suck on the pacifier but have trouble keeping that thing in
  • Daddy gives you a bottle, which you almost hold by yourself ;)
  • Smiles are popping up
  • That neck of yours is getting stronger and stronger
  • Grunts are another way in which you communicate
  • Some say you look like Mr. Magoo
  • The top of your head is full of peach fuzz with a ring around the back of light red hair
  • Your eyes are still blue
  • You are sleeping well at night, you fight the swaddle but it sure does help you sleep soundly

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