Friday, January 28, 2011

Advice for New Parents

Here is our two cents:
1. Get as much sleep as possible right before you have the baby.
2. Have a pedi done before you go into labor. You will spend so much time looking at your feet it's crazy. So, be sure they look pretty it will make things better. You can say, "At least my toenails look good!"
3. Newborn poop aka meconium is really hard to get off a newborn's butt. We are talking like you need to use a chisel.
4. You never know when the poop, pee, or spit up is coming your way. Right when you think you have mastered how to tell when they about to blow, they throw a curve ball.
5. Diapers, at least pee diapers, still work if put on backwards (just ask Brent).
6. Newborns eat often. You will spend more time feeding your baby than you ever thought possible.
7. Having an iPhone really does help you stay connected and allows you to goggle any question you may have like, "Does forgetting your baby's name make you a bad parent?"
8. Diaper changing is a serious job. You must be quick, efficient, and have endurance. This is not for the faint of heart.
9. Candy bars, cookies, and cake really do make parenting easier.
10. Poop comes out the back of diapers and makes a huge poop stain on their clothes. This is one of the main reasons why you need an extra pair of clothes with you at all times.
11. Life is slower with a baby. When they need to eat, they need to eat and your plans go out the window.
12. Sleep when baby sleeps.
13. The more hands to help out the better.
14. Having prepared meals brought to you ROCKS! This is a great way for people to help you out during the first month as you adjust to your new addition.
15. A shower and a walk everyday can help you stay sane.

First 100 Days - Week 7

Day 43 - Sporting a tie with Uncle John
Day 44 - Being held by Nanny and Granny - both Great Grandparents on Brent's side. Confession: I forgot to take a pic on this day so I hope the grandmothers make up for it. :)
Day 45 - Chipmunk kisses from Uncle Ryan
Day 46 - Thumbs out in "The Bear"
Day 47 - Uncle John up to the plate for a diaper change
Day 48 - Uncle Ryan helping to get G dubs dressed
Day 49 - Flying with Papa and sleeping with Pap - Both Great Grandparents on Brent's side. This is the day we had a mega fun photo shoot. I also did not take any pics myself this day but will post some of the professional shots once we get them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First 100 Days - Week 6

Day 36 - Hanging with baby H
Day 37 - Family Christmas shot (smiles not required)
Day 38 - 1st airplane trip! So thankful that bags fly free on Southwest.
Day 39 - Uncle RYAN!!!
Day 40 - Sleeping at Grandee and Marmee's house
Day 41 - Folding of hands to sleep just like Papa! ;)
Day 42 - Snuggling with Aunt Meagan

First 100 Days - Week 5

Day 29 - Shark Attack!
Day 30 - "Well...I do believe...yes...hmmm...that both his aunts...ROCK..yes...yes they do!"
Day 31 - 1st Christmas as father and son
Day 32 - Lory lovin' on baby G
Day 33 - What's up with candy bars and red headed babies?
Day 34 - Reggie the pro...look at that sleeping baby!
Day 35 - Meeting the Park family :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Break

We have been traveling for the past two weeks. Sorry I have not been posting the first 100 days photos. They will be up soon. We had a great time in Nashville spending a ton of time with family. Baby G's first Christmas was a white one. I kept telling myself the whole time to not wish G was older. Sometimes I can fall into the "if only" trap and not be content with the present. Like "if only" he was older and could open all his presents, or "if only" he could talk, etc. I want to be thankful for this stage and live in each moment bc I know they will fly by too quickly. It was really special to have a newborn at Christmas. It made me relate to Mary and Joseph in a whole new way. People always say how babies are gifts and miracles which I believe now more than ever before. I have also been thinking about Jesus as an infant. Was he a good eater? Did he always burp after every feeding? Was his poop ever a questionable color? What did his coos sound like? I know that might seem weird to some but if you think about it the Savior of the world was a baby at one point. That means he was human just like you and me. Which means he cried, smiled, and slept. Just emphisizes the fact that he understands us. He even understands what it is like to be a helpless babe. Merry Christmas!
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