Friday, January 28, 2011

First 100 Days - Week 7

Day 43 - Sporting a tie with Uncle John
Day 44 - Being held by Nanny and Granny - both Great Grandparents on Brent's side. Confession: I forgot to take a pic on this day so I hope the grandmothers make up for it. :)
Day 45 - Chipmunk kisses from Uncle Ryan
Day 46 - Thumbs out in "The Bear"
Day 47 - Uncle John up to the plate for a diaper change
Day 48 - Uncle Ryan helping to get G dubs dressed
Day 49 - Flying with Papa and sleeping with Pap - Both Great Grandparents on Brent's side. This is the day we had a mega fun photo shoot. I also did not take any pics myself this day but will post some of the professional shots once we get them.

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