Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Bump

Okay so here are some belly shots. I did not really start showing until week 16. The first 3 months were a crazy mix of feeling sick almost all the time, throwing up my breakfast or dinner at least 2 times a week and not having much motivation for anything. Did I mention the naps? Wow! I remember a few days were I think all I did was lay on the couch for the entire day! There were several times when I was driving and eating at the same time and seconds later chunked my entire snack back into the same bag I bought it in. Those days are long behind me now and I am a ball full of energy with baby excitement beaming out. I felt his first little kick around week 18. That was super cool and I can't wait for Brent to feel it too.

10 weeks 16 weeks

19 weeks 20 weeks

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