Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Simple Life 2012

Twenty-Twelve is a year that I (Brent) want to live more simply.

I want to make life easier and more simply. I desire to get rid of clutter and objects that clog up my time, space, and life.

I wish for simplicity. Here are a few tasks that I'm going to start off with:

  1. Clean out my Facebook Friends page.
  2. De-clutter the junk drawer and my personal drawer in the hall.- It is really scary. 
  3. Sell some unused books and perhaps my old guitar. 
  4. Scan old documents into Evernote and shred them. 
Let's start with #2 tonight. 

Full Drawer

These are items that I'll keep for now. 

Items that I'm Keeping:
  • Old Journals
  • Plastic bags of foreign currency 
  • Old Dell laptop, cords, and Microsoft CD's (I'd throw it away, but there is a lot of personal info on that old clunker. 
  • Old Pictures
  • Chinese language tapes and CD
  • Old Walk-Man (hey you never know when they'll be cool again right?)
  • Coin wraps for when my money pigs get full. 
  • Check books
  • Old class ring of my wife's (why is that in my drawer again?)
Trash Pile

Items Headed to the Trash Heap:
  • Assorted headphones and power cords
  • An award from an old job
  • I-phone cover
  • Watch instructions
  • Empty ring cases from our wedding bands
  • Old pair of glasses and case
  • Old broken LG phone
I'll give away this book on FPU kit on my financial blog

Pile of letters from my wife I'll scan into Evernote

I got rid of a few items, but it's only a beginning of more to come. 

Action: What can you simplify this year? What can you cut out give you a happier and more simple life? 

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