Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nitty Gritty on Grant - Month 5

You sleep on your belly now
You are taking longer naps which really helps mommy
You are smiling and interacting with strangers
Laughing and chuckling out loud!
You like staring at us when we eat
You smile during bath time
Your eye color is now officially dark brown
You had cradle cap for a while but that has all cleared up thanks to a little baby oil
Weighing in at almost 17 lbs
You interact and play well with others
Coo and make noises for hours
Slober and suck one or two fingers - bibs are a must
Razzing is your new thing
Finally you are interested in your floor gym
Somehow you can get your knees all the way under your body
Held a baby spoon, sat at the dinner table, and drank water from an adult cup
Ate rice cereal for the first time. Gobbled it up like you had been eating it your whole life

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