Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff to do while nursing...

I don't know about you but there came a point where staring lovingly at my baby while he ate simply got boring. I know that sounds cruel and horrible but I am hoping some moms out there can relate with me. I wanted to share some things I found interesting while nourishing my child. Write me a comment and let me know what you do!

  • Play Angrybirds - I was disinterested in this game until it was 3am and I had nothing else to do. It is actually pretty fun.
  • Words with Friends
  • Call a friend
  • Log Breastfeeding times
  • Find an app to log your breastfeeding sessions
  • Make grocery list
  • Watch hulu
  • Eat
  • Sleep or cat nap
  • Plan your day - go get some sunshine
  • Read book
  • Read mag
  • Read newspaper
  • Make a list of everything you want to do now that you are no longer prego
  • Shop on Craigslist for good deals on baby items
  • Stare at your toes and wish for a pedicure
  • Call and make a pedicure appointment
  • Listen to a podcast - I like "Stuff you Missed in History Class" or "This American Life"
  • Dave Ramsey podcast - Fridays are really good with the debt free screams
  • Listen to the news at NPR.com
  • Watch a youtube channel - Shaytard (cool family videos of a guy and his wife with 4 kids)
  • There is always facebook
  • Goggle all the questions you have regarding your newborn (check later for an entire post on this subject)
  • Read the Bible (You Version app)
  • Listen to a sermon at mosaic.org
  • Clip your baby's nails
  • Make a to do list of all the things you will do when you have free time
  • Pray
  • Pray for your baby
  • Stare at your baby
  • Pray for your baby's future spouse
  • Ask your husband to get you stuff or clean stuff. I would always think of things that needed to be done ASAP while I was feeding Grant and therefore begged Brent to do them.
  • Pray for your husband :)
  • Read blogs
  • Listen to a book on tape
  • Text a friend
  • Pat yourself on the back -- you are doing a great job and your baby is VERY thankful
  • Post a pic of your kid
  • Listen to music - Find a new Pandora station

I know this may seem like a rather long list but you spend A LOT of time nursing your baby. It is crazy to think about how many hours I sat in that rocking chair. Use your time wisely to feed your soul and your mind. What do you do?

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