Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nitty Gritty on Grant - Month 4

People tell mommy and daddy that you are a "Thinker"
Arching on your side is a daily fav
You squeal in delight -- This is one of the best sounds around!
We call you "The Drool Monster"
You are a smile factory
When leaned up against the couch cushion you sit up well
Still quiet in bath
You have discovered toys --- pat at toys near you
Will sit and listen to 2 short books
5 o'clock forward you are Mr. Fussy Pants
Your favorite noise is the sound of someone brushing their teeth
Lift your eyebrows just like daddy
Love to watch ceiling fan, it really calms you
You are checking out your hands these days
Prefer belly for playtime rather than back
You like it when mama sings patty cake :)

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