Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slacker Mom

Okay people, I need to apologize for not updating this blog more. I have so many ideas and dreams for this blog but other things like watching "Friday Night Lights" get in the way. I really want everyone to stay connected with us and see little Grant as he grows up. I plan on finishing the First 100 Days posts even though they are WELL overdue. I also plan to put up the Nitty Gritty Newsletters for the months I have missed. Our baby is almost 7 months old already! Crazy! We have been traveling a ton. We have been to Oklahoma twice, Dallas once, Tennessee, and Alabama since March.
I am still trying daily to enjoy Grant at his exact stage and not wish for him to be any older or younger. I have really been blessed with a fantastic mom's groups that meets every Tuesday. We share everything about being moms. If you are a new mom I would highly encourage you to find some other first time moms and get connected.
Bye for now.
Of course, I could not say good bye without letting you see one current pic. :)

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