Friday, October 7, 2011

What is a Mom's Group?

Several people have asked me what a Mom's Group is so I thought I would write a post about it.  I started a so called "Mom's Group" when G was 3 months old.  My friend Lynne was my inspiration.  She had an amazing group that was growing rapidly and some of the moms already had 2 kids.  Since first time moms face different questions and struggles than second time moms I wanted to start a new group of first timers.  Women to share life with and encourage along the way.

It started out very informal.  I knew or had met several other first time moms and knew some pregnant ones that would soon deliver.  So I took a chance and invited them over for coffee and bagels one winter afternoon.  Of course, they could bring their babies and their questions about motherhood.  I would not be the "know-it-all" mom, just another first timer looking for advice, help and friends.  It was awesome.  We shared our birth stories, experiences with newborns, parenting issues, and so much more.

Since that day, we have met weekly at my apartment, the park, one of their homes, etc.  It has become a tad bit more structured but mostly is still very laid back.  I try to always make it cost-free.  The only expense is the snacks in which we take turns providing.  We have one topic of discussion per week.  We talk about everything from when to start solid food to how our lives were pre baby.  We celebrate milestones that our babies reach.  We give support to each other through babysitting and prayer.

It has been a wonderful way to push away the tendency to judge other mothers or to feel as if you are being judged.  We are all on the same team.  Even though we do not hold the same parenting philosophies we respect each others views.  We learn from one other, our children play, honestly it has become one of the highlights of my week.  These women and their babies are very dear to me.  G totally enjoys the time, too.  It breaks the isolation sometimes stay-at-home moms face.  If you are a mom, I REALLY encourage you to start your own group or join one.

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