Saturday, October 15, 2011

Craigslist and Strollers

Need a stroller?  Don't have the cash to buy a new one?  Look no further craigslist is here!  When my son was a newborn I "wore" him a lot in the Ergo carrier which I highly recommend.  There came a time when I needed a stroller.  Like when he would be asleep in the car seat and I needed to go into a store, restaurant, ect.   When I transfered him into the carrier he would usually wake up.  I needed to transport him in the car seat while keeping him asleep.

I did some research and knew that a frame stroller was what I wanted, a stroller frame that the car seat could snap to.  Also, remember we live in a 1 bedroom apartment with no extra storage outside the apartment.  The strollers home would actually be the trunk of our car.  I search and searched on craigslist, after about 2 months I found just what I wanted the Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame.  It currently retails for $69, I got it for $15 on craigslist.  Used, of course, but in great condition.

We used the Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame until G was 10 months old.  Then he grew out of his infant car seat.  Ours only went to 23 lbs.  (Note to expecting parents:  Buy an infant car seat that goes up to at least 30 pounds.  It will save you money in the long run.)  I could write a whole other post on car seats.

Once G could sit up we also used an umbrella stroller for quick errands and for walks.  They retail about $20.  I like having this option which is super light weight and when stored takes up very little space.  The issue with this stroller is that it does not lean back.  Which makes it a little harder when your baby needs to take a nap while you are out.  The handles are also a bit short for taller people, like my husband.  

After we bought a new convertible car seat we could no longer use the stroller frame with the car seat attached.  Convertible car seats stay in the vehicle and are not easily removed.  The umbrella stroller would work for quick outings but not for day trips or jogging.  So I set out to find a durable running stroller.  I searched craigslist for months and finally found a used BOB Sports Utility Jogging stroller for $150.  The retail for this type of stroller is $379.  It is in excellent condition.  It has a fixed front wheel which is awesome for running but not super easy at the grocery store.  I got the stroller of my dreams for less than 1/2 the price.

Sure I like new stuff but why pay full price for something that I will use for several years and then not need anymore?  I vote for used strollers.  We have been very happy and never regretted a used stroller purchase.  So within the first year of our sons life we have owned and used 3 different strollers, 1 new and 2 used.  I know it may seem extreme, but we have gotten good wear out of each of them.  I would love to hear about your stroller experiences.  How many did you use within your child's first year?  Have you found the perfect birth to big kid stroller?  What was the total cost of all your strollers?  I'm not even going to go into multiple kid strollers...Yicks!!!        

Note on buying used baby products:  If you are a parent you know full well about how infants love to spray poop everywhere.  This is something that concerned me when buying other people's used baby products.  The thought of that grosses me out, but the truth is that things wash.  If you are about to buy something and you notice huge poop stains then just don't buy it.  Easy as that!

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  1. Thanks for saving us money! You're a stellar craigslist shopper!


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