Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween is a Comin'!

Here are a few shots of the Halloween costumes in process.

We are all dressing up this year.  We do it every year because our friends throw an awesome Halloween party.  Last year our costume looked like this.  Can you guess what we are going as this year?  I'm going to be in purple, Brent in blue and white and G in green.  Of course, I am super excited we have a little man to add to the ensemble.  By the way, my mom-in-law pretty much taught me how to sew on her last visit.  We worked on my costume for hours...we had a blast!  Learning to sew was a goal I have had for so many years.  

I took a Home Ec class in high school in which I sewed one wrap skirt with help from Mrs. Johnson.  I was so proud of that skirt.  It was peach colored with flowers and cool clear buttons with coordinating color specks of raffeta inside the buttons.  
Nerdy, I know but I liked it.  
Wish I had a pic of that skirt to show you.

So here is to accomplishing a goal and hopefully getting some super rad halloween costumes out of it.  More pics once we are all dressed up and ready to party!  

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