Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Family Vacation - Camping

This Labor Day we decided to take a family vacation.  It was spur of the moment to go with our "Summer of Spontaneity" theme.  I did not book the campsite until Friday afternoon.  Of course, all the campsites in the whole state of California were taken.  But with some digging I found a KOA in Santa Margarita, CA.  Thankfully someone canceled on Friday morning and we were able to take their spot. The cost was $41 dollars a night for a campsite with shade but no water or electricity.  The KOA was great and family friendly.  There was a live concert on Saturday night, a pool, a bouncy pillow, and a bear sighting 2 weeks ago.  It took almost 4 hours to get there because of traffic and carpooling with a 10 month old who required frequent stops to crawl around.  It was so breathtaking to be out in nature all weekend.  I was reminded of my childhood adventures.  We savored being together as a family and soaked in God's goodness.  We hiked, swam, tried to nap (but it was way too hot), build camp fires, roasted marshmallows, tried to sleep (but it was way too cold), walked up a hill to the bathroom and all the other wonderful things that go with camping.  I don't know why we have not been camping sooner.  We just might have started a tradition.

Tips for next time:

  • Make sure G has at least 4 layers of clothes to sleep in at night.
  • Bring a rake to remove all rocks and sticks from under tent.
  • Hobo dinners were awesome.
  • Bring our own firewood.  Yes, it's true and something I hate to admit but we bought firewood.  

 Concert under the stars!
Just could not keep those eyes open for the pic.

 Good Morning Guys!
 Playing with Dad
 Bouncy Pillow
Tent Time
View on our hike

Together Time


  1. How fun!!! What a great memory you have now. You guys should make a tradition out of it.

  2. Thanks Mary! Do you guys ever go camping? You should! It would be really fun to get the old group together and go for a weekend.

  3. We have never been camping! Yes, it would be a blast to get the group together and go! You guys are practically experts now :) I miss you Franci!!


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