Thursday, November 11, 2010

How am I going to do ______ with a baby?

This question has been on my mind for a while now. I have not really had a dilemma about how am I going to do things while pregnant although a few things have been obstacles to overcome. A few examples would be bending over to roll up my jeans, preventing 'the belly' from getting burned while cooking something on the stove, and learning how to sleep on my side with 3 pillows. Gladly, I can say I have mastered all these potential issues.

Now comes the question of how am I going to do certain things while having an infant at my side.

Some of the things I question are:

  • How will I take a shower? Do I just leave my little bundle of joy by himself???
  • How will I go to the bathroom at say Target? The cart with the car seat in it will not fit in the stall. How can I leave my baby in the sink area - someone might grab him!
  • How will I do the laundry? In our apartment complex the laundry room is outside and about 2 doors down. This means to do a load of laundry I would have to carry the baby while holding the laundry basket and detergent at the same time or leave the baby in the apartment alone!!??? Yicks!
  • How will I exercise? I can't leave him on the side of the pool in the car seat while I do a few laps. Ugh!
  • How am I going to get him in the sling by myself???
  • What about when I need to run into the bank for just a moment? I have a feeling my life is going to slow down quite a bit.
I know all this may seem crazy to you seasoned moms out there but they truly are concerns I have. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. well, i don't know how but it all does work out.... slowly, but surely. specific easy ones: the sling-- won't be a problem after a couple tries. the shower-- you will either take less of these or you will take them when baby sleeps...or you will move his swing/bouncy seat/whatever as near the bathroom as you can and hurry with your shower :)
    idk about the public bathroom part...i've never done that with a baby! hmmm....the laundry....i guess you could wear him in your sling and be able to tote that stuff....
    exercise...poolside might be tough, but something will work out....
    bank-- drive thru!
    you will be awesome.

  2. Shower: 1)while Brent is home. 2)while Grant is sleeping. 3)bring car seat in bathroom 4) when Grant is a little bigger, you bring him in the shower and prop him on your feet /shins. He showers while you do. of course success of this depends on how much either of you like/detest the solution! (worked for me!)
    Target: 1) pee before you go 2) hang his sling over the top corner of the door and close it. (he is on the inside of the door)
    Laundry: baby in the sling
    Exercise: doing laundry and going to Target count when you have an infant
    Sling: practice also, the door handle method. You get the guy in there as the sling is hanging on something stable, then put them both on.
    errands: consolidate and go alone when brent is home or just plan on it taking a very very long time and decide to savor it anyway. life is different! two words: babysitting co-op!

    we swore off restaurants until kids were in kindergarten. some places you just take off your list! love, June Don't know why it says my names is Ron!!

  3. wow franc...i didnt think of any of those things before i had sophie...but i did afterwards. I think i definitely took sophie with her bouncy seat into the bathroom at home while i showered.i would go to do all my shopping when get got was a treat for me. i would get a yummy decaf coffee and it was my treat. We worked it into our schedule that ken would come home twice a week at lunch so i could workout. i cannot tell you what a lifesaver that was for me. otherwise i would find a great gym with amzing childcare. You can totally go out to eat until about the 4 or 5 month mark...then it becomes more difficult but right now he is mobile. Honestly we just took our travel high chair...we have never really stopped going out to just gets annoying sometimes. But finding a couple you can switch out and give each other a date night a week or every other week is amazing. Getting away from couple time sneaks up on you before you know it. hope this helps. how is it all working out?
    love jessica broom


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