Friday, August 20, 2010

3 months left

Can you believe it??!! We only have 3 more months until our little biscuit arrives.
As for me, things are going well. I am trying to keep up my walks at least 5 times a week. My dessert cravings have died down a little, at least I hope. My feet are a little puffy at night and my fingers swell during my morning walk. But nothing that is not normal. I have kept up eating as much spicy food as I want and it does not seem to effect our little guy. I received the results from the glucose test which were normal as well as the blood count. I have been a bit concerned about my gums and teeth since I have super sensitive gums that bleed easily. But all is well, I had a cleaning this week and everything checked out okay.
The baby kicks quite a bit but seems to be rocked to sleep when I am out and about or on a walk. He is about 2.5 pounds now and probably about 16 inches long head to toe. The prego books say he should start blinking this week. Also, hiccups should come soon which may have already happened and I just didn't catch them. For you veggie lovers out there he is the size of a small cabbage. Interesting fact: Did you know that Brent saw a baby cabbage patch kid being born when he was a kid? :)

We start our Prepared Childbirth Classes soon. Brent and I are also in the process of figuring out all the baby items that we need. Which things we can borrow, buy used and what we want new. We are thankful for all of you and can't wait for you to meet our sweetie pie.

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