Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

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My husband, Brent, and I have decided to start having a date at least once a week. One week we will have a lunch date downtown near his work with our littlest joining us. Another will be during the Parent's Night Out our church offers once a month. The other two or three weeks will be dates in the evenings after the kids are in bed. We are going to try to do others things than watch movies, TV, or stare at our phones. 

At mom's group we discussed stay-at-home date ideas. I'll share some of them with you.

Ideas for Stay at Home Dates

"I've been thinking of ordering a meal or two from a place like PeachDish (which doesn't require a membership or longer term commitment like some meal services) so that my husband and I can have a glass of wine and cook a new and fun meal together (easily!)" - Liz

"Scrabble, cards, really any two person game." - Canaan

"My husband and I made marbled clay coasters for a fun, creative date together after our daughter went down to bed. I got a lot of Sculpy clay at Hobby Lobby and we spent the whole evening creating away at our kitchen table. It really didn't cost much and we still use the coasters daily! They are set out on our coffee table. I stumbled across the craft idea on Pinterest (here is a link)! The coasters are fun, pretty, and I love that there is a little touch of 'us' that we get to use." - Sally

"Do you have a fire pit? Sit out by the fire and talk, look up at the stars." (So romantic!) - Cassidy

"After we put our kids down, we sometimes like to play their games such as Connect Four, Guess Who?, and Battleship." - Franci (that's me)

"My sister and her husband would create a 'coffee shop' in their living room with candles, music, good coffee, etc. Really makes you feel like you are in a different place." - Franci

"I know this is probably something everyone does, but we LOVE games. Seriously, we love them. So actually, a lot of our evenings are spent playing board games or card games. Anything from Skip-Bo, Checkers, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, Mastermind, Chess... We have found that hot tea or some wine makes an excellent pairing with this date!" - Sally

"My sis-in-law sent us a date in a box called Unbox Love. Super fun with instructions, materials and some type of activity. So nice to have your whole date planned with all that you need in one box. Our creation is pictured above." - Franci

"After our daughter goes down, sometimes we find a dessert recipe and spend romantic time in the kitchen together, cooking up sweets!" - Sally

"Sometimes when I go to Trader Joe's I buy a special treat like cookies we've been wanting to try or an easy appetizer. I hide the purchase and bring it out on our stay-at-home date night. If it is good weather we love sitting on our front porch." - Franci 

"My husband planned a spa night with a massage and all!" - Chandra

With very little effort you can transform your evening into a meaningful experience that is sure to enhance your relationship. 

What ideas do you have? 

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