Friday, June 3, 2016

First Year of School for G Man

This was an extremely hard year for me. I had been anxious since before school started. I only knew one other family that went to his school and their child was not in G's class. I remember feeling overwhelmed and just scared that he would encounter bad influences, make unwise choices and I guess most of all be harmed in some way.

I know it sounds crazy, but you have to remember I was in the thick of a hormone rollercoaster since my #2 child was just 6 months old at the time. I was a little off balance. I think many people can relate, especially those dropping their kids off at school for the first time. I had been with my baby for 4 whole years, always knowing what he was doing, spending almost every meal and snack time with him, it was hard to let go.

Thankfully he had an amazing teacher, Mrs. Stephenson. She was experienced and very professional. Mrs. Tucker was also in his room as a helper teacher. She was excellent too with hugs and understanding.

All my fears were unfounded when I saw day by day how well he was doing, how excited he was to go and how many friends he was making. He ended up having a great year, excelling in the classroom socially and academically. I am so thankful we did Pre-K although it was rough on this mama's heart.

After I heard him recite this within the first week of school I knew all would be well. 

 A few pictures from the last day of Pre-K. We made it! There were a lot of tears and difficult days along the way, but a whole lot of fantastic days too.

Vanilla with sprinkles from Best Donuts
Kung Fu fighting pose
G and his teacher
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