Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Turning ONE at Disney World

Our second little man turned 1 while on a family trip to Disney World! It was just as magical as you think. The only thing is that I wish he was a little older so he would remember it.

For the party, we decided to have a smaller celebration since the rest of the days were so busy. We had the quick service meal package with two quick service meals per day and two snacks. With the meal plans, you are able to eat at any of the restaurants on Disney grounds that fall under quick service. We decided to go to one of the other resorts than the one we were staying at to celebrate. We choose The Mara restaurant at Animal Kindom Villas. It was in the Jambo house and had beautiful wildlife murals plus a jungle canopy overhead. 

We were able to walk in and reserve a table large enough for our party. I brought a few Mickey themed party decorations to make it feel more like a birthday. First, we all had lunch, then celebrated with a cupcake for the birthday boy and cake for the rest of us. I ordered the cake from our resort bakery which was super easy and convenient. The cupcake was topped with Mickey, oreo ears and all!

He enjoyed opening his gifts. Or maybe I should say ripping the paper as best he could. We gave him this, but I think his favorite gift was the Starwars football from Uncle Trevor and Aunt Elizabeth.

After the party, we walked around the resort, checked out the lobby, saw the pool area, and tried to spot some of the wildlife. It is a gorgeous resort which made me feel like I was back in Africa.

Our family has grown better and stronger because of this little guy. He has taught all of us how to be better people. He is loving, sweet and a hugger. He is never full. He is taking steps. He keeps us on our toes. He is just a ball of cuteness.

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