Sunday, February 15, 2015

Welcome Baby #2


Introduction of Baby Brother

Our little monkey was born! He is just as adorable and sweet as can be. The birth was a wonderful experience and we are so blessed. It was nice to be in Oklahoma for his birth. My parents watched G while we were in the hospital. We were all together again, a family of 4, by Saturday which happened to be Valentine's Day. One of my favorite holidays! It was just perfect.

This is Big Brother at his 4-year-old check-up. It was 3 months after his birthday because our insurance makes you wait an entire calendar year between check-ups. Also with the pediatrician's availability being slim we had to wait until February.

I cried in the doctor's office that day. Little did I know at the time that I would go into labor that evening. Looking at G and how big he was, how much I loved him, knowing his world, our world, was about to change forever. There was a deep sense of peace and confidence in what the Lord was doing. Gratitude. Tears of gratitude.

Two different due dates were given to me. One was February 9th (ultrasound estimate) one was February 17th (doctor's estimate). It was February 10th when my water broke.

That evening I was laying down on our bed reading G a bedtime story. I stood up after I was finished reading and my water broke. It was around 7:30pm. I looked at Brent, who was in the hallway trying to refinish our hardwood floors before D was born, and said, "This is really happening!" I remember at that moment I felt so ordinary, yet in reality, it was the start of a life-changing experience. 

We called my parents to pick up G and packed our hospital bag. I think my parents arrived within 45 minutes. We sent G on his way and hopped in the car for the hospital. I was having contractions pretty consistently.

Our world at the time was a bit hectic. We moved to OKC a month earlier into an old house that had wallpaper in almost every room and miles of blue carpet. We had plans to renovate, but in one month's time with my pregnancy and work, we didn't have time to do much besides move and unpack a few boxes.

Also, Brent's office was relocating to a downtown location the next day. So, on our way to the hospital with me having contractions about 5 minutes apart, we had to take a slight detour and stop by Brent's office to grab his laptop and a few desk items so they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle of the move.

We arrived at the hospital around 9:30pm. Things went well and we were taken to a little room to be evaluated. All I wanted to do was to stay in the bathroom the whole time. This time around I was trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I was a bit nervous but hopeful since I was dilating, the contractions were consistent, and the nurses seemed confident in a vaginal birth.

Little side note: I had spent a lot of praying and thinking about a vaginal birth. I watched The Business of Being Born which helped tremendously. I read The Birth Book by Dr. Sears which gave me so much empowering information. But honestly, something that helped me the most was this little book that I found in the free neighborhood little library. This lady is amazing and her story inspired me.

Baby #2 coming soon.
The labor continued to progress which was so encouraging to me. I was okay with another c-section, but I really wanted to experience a vaginal birth and I knew my body could do it. I was very adamant about no inductions and thankfully none were needed. We waited through the contractions and more pain than I have ever felt in my life. 

I received an epidural at some point, but there was a window on my right side-- from my belly to my leg in which the epidural did not reach. I think they may have adjusted the needle, but I still I had the window. They changed or increased the medication, but I still had the window. About an hour before I was to begin pushing, a new anesthesiologist came on duty and wanted to change the medication around again. I ask him to please not make a change so close to delivery time. Reluctantly he agreed. I am so thankful I spoke up. Yes, I had a window of pain, but that was far better than making a change which I was concerned would limit my ability to deliver vaginally though I can't remember the reasons now. Looking back it does seem a little silly, but I was sure he did not need to change the medication. We can just write that off as a crazy pregnant woman intuition. 

At 6:30am I was completely dilated. We waited about an hour and a half for him to move down in the birth canal. After about 30 minutes of pushing our little guy was born at 8:31am. The room was warm and dark with the soft glow of an orange light, it was quiet. The first thing I said was "Our little monkey!" It was all I could think to say. At the time I remember thinking, "Why are you calling your new baby a monkey, can't you think of something else to call him?" They laid him on me right away. We just laid there together. He cried at first then he got very calm. I kept asking the nurses if he was okay and they said, "Yes, this is what they do once they are with the mom, they become calm."

It was such an incredible gift. The whole experience, deciding to have another child, pregnancy for the 2nd time, the journey that brought me to want to have a vaginal birth, the ability to hold him and make eye contact with him moments after he entered the world. So many tears of gratitude. 

This is the first photo we have of him. Taken an hour or so after birth. 
Daddy holding him for the first time.
Our amazing delivery nurses before we moved out of the delivery room. 
We took no pictures or videos of the birth or even of him right after. We just enjoyed the moment. There would be time for pictures later.
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