Saturday, October 1, 2016

Today is the Day to Start Creating

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about creativity and how much I enjoy it. How much I need it. How alive it makes me feel. That is one of the reasons I have started blogging again. A creative outlet.

When both of my boys turned one and a half I started working part time. With my first child, it was for a property management company in Los Angeles. I really enjoyed the job. I had an office separate from our apartment and only one flight of stairs away. 

During that time, I learned the discipline of working during nap time. It was also fulfilling to take G around with me to show apartments, buy balloons for an open house, or just help with paperwork. 

Now that D is 19 months--here I am again. This time, I am thankful for more flexibility. We are more financially secure at this time, thanks to this and a hard working husband, which makes it easier to transition to an unknown path such as blogging. 

I have no idea what will come of these posts, but I have a deep desire to get my thoughts on paper, er screen. For a couple years, I didn't have much of a desire for anything so when God began growing this desire the next step had to be action.

Here we go.

Inspiration for Taking this Leap:

I want a confetti drawer.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” - William Wordsworth

Blogging impacts your life.

The dark ages are over. 

A fellow twin shows me that dreams can come true.

This community has always encouraged us to create, to love, to do something.

Little girl, you can do anything.

Her work ethic inspires me and shows me how much can be accomplished by working during lunch.

Because I sang this song in high school choir and it has stayed with me all these years. 

"If you follow your dreams, though the road seems lonely 
Follow your dreams, no matter how far. 
Give it your best, you’ll find success 
if you just keep your eye on that star." 

And here is one more. 

"It's not about how fast we get there, 
it's not about what is waiting on the other side, 
it's the climb." 
- Miley Cyrus

What dreams do you have inside of you? I would love to hear.


  1. Cheering for you! Also like looking forward to reading your thoughts. Hugs.

  2. Thanks Emily. You are also one of my inspirations. Miss you.


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