Friday, September 23, 2016

Trader Joe's Opens Today in OKC!

Trader Joe's sign in Oklahoma City, OK
OKC Trader Joe's Under Construction 
Ever since we moved to Oklahoma I have missed Trader Joe's. While living in California I shopped there weekly for most of our grocery needs. The place makes me happy. The cool graphics on the packages, the delicious food, and the super friendly staff make it so enjoyable. Did I mention the sample area with the tiny cup of free coffee? My happy place. 

Trader Joe's sample Coffee with cute baby
Trader Joe's in Tulsa, OK on Opening Day 2015
When we moved to Oklahoma I never thought the day would come that we would see a Trader Joe's or that I would live 11 minutes from one. The liquor laws in Oklahoma are a bit archaic in that they limit the alcohol content that can be sold in a grocery store. For this reason, I didn't think there was much hope of seeing one move in anytime soon.  

I know that nothing is perfect and I am bound to find disappointment in things like the bread getting moldy too fast, not being able to find cream of chicken soup (an Oklahoma staple), or just general disappointment at a frozen entree I was putting all my hopes into. BUT in general their stuff is amazing; it's healthy, innovative and inexpensive.  

One of the things I am looking forward to most is the feeling you get when you are enjoying your grocery shopping experience. I love that they are always producing new products, always at the cutting edge of the food scene making it accessible to the budget conscious consumer.

Trader Joe's opening in Tulsa, Oklahoma Fruit section
Wrangler's Spotted at Trader Joe's opening in Tulsa, OK
When living in California my food choices and how I fed my family really began to change. I know Trader Joe's was a huge part of that transformation. Having access is half the battle. OKC has had Whole Foods for several years, but Trader Joe's is different. It's less posh and more common man but in a more hip way. The price point at Whole Foods really pushes a lot of people out the door but I think most will be able to find affordable options at Trader Joe's that will keep them coming back. 

Other perks of Trader Joes:

  • They promote reusable grocery bags.
  • They know how to properly bag your groceries.
  • They have amazing dessert options to take to dinner parties.
  • Their picnic game is very strong.
  • If you don't like it bring it back for a refund.
  • They are big on holidays. So many great options to celebrate the seasons. 
  • They have cheap cut flowers. :)
  • Their sample policy. 
  • Kids get stickers.
  • You will start to feel like part of their community after shopping there a while. 
  • I can't express how well they do at hiring. 
  • You will be obsessed with a new item that you can't stop thinking and talk about. 
I'll be there today on opening day. Are you planning to stop by?

We made the paper! We can be spotted in the Oklahoman, Saturday, September 24, 2016 edition and here.

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