Saturday, November 22, 2014

Zoo Animal Themed Birthday Party

Zoo Animal Themed Birthday Party (G turns 4!)

zoo themed handmade pendants

Zoo animals: Tigers Lions and Bears!

G has been obsessed with farm animals since he was 2 years old.  For his 3rd birthday we went all out with a farm theme which he absolutely loved.  The day after his 3 year old party he told me he wanted a zoo animal theme party for his 4 year old birthday.  I thought it would pass.  It didn't.  So this year we had a zoo animal themed party and he loved it.

It was a pretty simple party with just family.  Brent's parents and brother were able to come up for the weekend which made it extra special.  Also, the forecast was predicting snow so we were concerned the roads would be too dangerous for travel.  It actually didn't snow until Sunday so everyone was able to make it!

The birthday boy's favorite zoo animals are cheetah, zebra and elephant.  He is super into riding his bike.  He is pretty much self sufficient at this age.  He can shower, get himself dressed, groom himself and even make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He loves chocolate, pirate stuff, Octonauts, and "reading" his dictionary.  He is very social and would take a play date with friends almost any day.  He is brave and caring.  I can't believe he is 4!    

He is saying, "Zoo!" here.  I made this out of cardboard and a safari book of photos.  

I found these animal drawings at a sweet old lady's garage sale in California.  I just made a banner and glued them on.  They were perfect for a 4 year old party.  I didn't want the animals to look too babyish.  

Chocolate cupcakes with animal crackers on top
G requested yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Frosted animal cookies and sprinkles for the top.
Poor zebra!

In lieu of birthday hats we made our own animal noses out of egg cartons.
The Owl 
The Alligator 
The Colorful Elephant
The Walrus wait I mean...scratch that...The Hippo
The Gray Elephant 
The Mouse

Look at that face!  Someone is so proud.  
The Original Elephant
plastic zoo animals on table.
G and Uncle Ryan made sure all the zoo animals were present at the party.
Marmee and Grandee helped put these beauties together.

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