Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

We spent this past weekend at Lake Tenkiller here in beautiful Oklahoma.  You could say we were camping, if you call a luxury cabin with full amenities camping!  We were with 5 other couples from our small group.  We were very warmly hosted by the parents of one of our small group members. We divided up the meals and had no agenda the whole weekend.  It was fabulous!

Since we had an ultrasound for baby#2 on Friday we decided to do the reveal with all our friends on Saturday night.  I had Kalico Kitchen whip up some sugar cookies and ice them according to the gender of the baby.  Of course, blue being a boy and pink being a girl.  We all wanted to be totally surprised and it worked.  We were able to transport the cookies the entire road trip and wait a whole day and a half without peeking.

Before it got too late Saturday night we all went on the front lawn to find out the mystery.  Everyone had to vote either boy or girl by choosing a corresponding color water balloon.  Whatever side won got to pelt the other team with their balloon.  We also had a little silly string in the mix.

So the moment we were all waiting for...

We were so happy to celebrate with our small group.  It was a wonderful evening.  I was hoping for a little girl but in my heart of hearts I knew it was going to be a little boy.  Hooray for brothers and the fact that I saved all of G's clothes!

Our blue teeth!!!  By the way, Brent and I just happened to be wearing blue - perfect!

Photo credit:  Dayla Glover  Video credit:  Kasey Delarosa

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