Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday Greetings from the Past

I REALLY love receiving holiday cards.  If you are one of the phenomenal families that send us one, thank you!  I mean, really thank you.  After the holidays I cut out all the lovely faces and display them on the fridge year round.  I say phenomenal because you really have to have everything together to get a holiday card out before Christmas.  For me, making Halloween costumes, party planning for Grant's birthday, and Thanksgiving celebrations all limit my time.  Plus shooting a current family photo in time seems impossible.  To take the pressure off of myself, we now send Valentine's Day cards.  
2011 V-day Card
I designed this one myself - Red Curtain Designs

2010 First V-day Card
The pics were from a photo booth at a work Christmas party.  
The card design is from Shutterfly.

Skip 2009 since we sent a V-day card in Feb of 2010

2008 Christmas Card (the ONE and ONLY)
Created at Costco

2007 No card.  :(  First year of marriage.  We were working out our traditions and budget.

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