Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Break

We have been traveling for the past two weeks. Sorry I have not been posting the first 100 days photos. They will be up soon. We had a great time in Nashville spending a ton of time with family. Baby G's first Christmas was a white one. I kept telling myself the whole time to not wish G was older. Sometimes I can fall into the "if only" trap and not be content with the present. Like "if only" he was older and could open all his presents, or "if only" he could talk, etc. I want to be thankful for this stage and live in each moment bc I know they will fly by too quickly. It was really special to have a newborn at Christmas. It made me relate to Mary and Joseph in a whole new way. People always say how babies are gifts and miracles which I believe now more than ever before. I have also been thinking about Jesus as an infant. Was he a good eater? Did he always burp after every feeding? Was his poop ever a questionable color? What did his coos sound like? I know that might seem weird to some but if you think about it the Savior of the world was a baby at one point. That means he was human just like you and me. Which means he cried, smiled, and slept. Just emphisizes the fact that he understands us. He even understands what it is like to be a helpless babe. Merry Christmas!

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